Throughout my childhood, I was forced to use nicknames because there were one too many Rebeccas in the classroom. Being shy and more than a little socially awkward, I allowed others to call me what they wanted.


When I moved to New York to study journalism and art, my newfound friends called me "Reb" because they felt I deserved something that represented how unique I was. While at a party in my freshman year, an acquaintance was talking about me in another room and I heard him call me another iteration of Rebecca other than my name. To this day, people laugh when they remember how I burst into the room, stood proudly and said loudly for all to hear: 






Whether painting, drawing, writing sewing or some other form of "makery", I've tried to maintain a creative practice throughout my entire life. Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to leverage my writing talents to develop editorial content for brands and share industry thought leadership.


In recent years, some of my work in painting and photography has been featured in both the local art community and established cultural institutions of NYC. 

Building connections and community is vital for anyone trying to grow and reach their goals.


 One of my close friends and I co-founded FindSpark, the largest Meetup in the United States for college students and early professionals. 


In early 2020 (pre-pandemic) I helped organize Greenpoint Art Circle's first community show. 

Today I am actively involved in the Artist/Mother Community and Ladies Who Strategize Network. 


Creative and artistic expression is more than a career path or hobby; it's a method to both reflect inward and share outwardly. While I don't currently make a full-time living from my art, having a creative practice is key for my sense of self and identity. I write about my explorations about maintaining creativity as a mom, professional, and community member in my monthly blog.

I believe that enjoying art shouldn't be limited to a certain class, so I've dedicated my time over the last decade to support arts education within marginalized communities.

I have spent over a decade as a marketing strategist inspired by cultural trends, tech innovation, shifting consumer behavior and community-driven experiences.
My early career work on Oreo won numerous industry awards and from there I have worked with premium, lifestyle-oriented brands such as HUGO BOSS, Marriott, United Airlines, and INFINITI.

In 2020, I launched my own marketing consulting firm focused on supporting working creatives and their businesses called Mad Focused.


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