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I'm a Brooklyn-based creative marketing strategist specializing in content strategy, influencer marketing, and social media who is obsessed with culture. I'm inspired by data-driven insights and research, and the creativity of everyday people.

I originally moved to New York for school in 2006 to become a journalist (slash DJ, slash painter), but then social media captured my attention, and understanding how communities are built and defined online and off has been my passion for over ten years. Along with working at 360i, MKG, Sprinklr, and Wunderman, I also co-founded FindSpark, the largest and most inclusive professional community for students and recent grads in the country, was a freelance contributor for content marketing startup Contently, and have been active in the NYC art community for over six years.

Raised by parents who were born in the rural Midwest and small business owners, I've valued my good work ethic and integrity throughout everything I do, and understand the importance of community. Ever since I as a child growing up in Newark, Delaware, I have been passionate about volunteering and activism and am still exploring ways of how the shared experience of art and creativity can build strong communities.

I currently live in my dream neighborhood Greenpoint, Brooklyn with my husband (who I met when we both worked at a social media agency) and spend my days providing marketing consulting to brands and businesses, painting, thinking, and trying to learn something new. 


End of the Year, End of a Decade, Still the Same.

December 20, 2019

Boom, I did the thing.

December 4, 2019

Being Multifaceted: Defining Ourselves Outside of Work

November 4, 2019

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