I'm a Brooklyn-based marketing consultant who set aside her artistic dreams to support herself with a career in marketing.

10 years later, I want to use my industry expertise to help working creatives and their businesses thrive.

I originally moved to New York in 2006 to study journalism, but then social media captured my attention.  Navigating new behavioral trends and understanding how to develop communities has been my livelihood for over ten years, but I'm most passionate about creative expression and culture.


While earning awards and industry recognition at 360i, MKG, Sprinklr, and Wunderman, I also co-founded FindSpark, the largest and most inclusive professional community for students and recent grads in the country, was a freelance contributor for content marketing startup Contently, and have been active in the NYC art community for over six years.

Raised by small business owners from the rural Midwest, I bring my work ethic and integrity in everything I do and understand the value of connection. Ever since I was a child growing up in Newark, Delaware, I have been passionate about volunteering and activism and am still exploring how the shared experiences of art and creativity can build strong communities.


I currently live in my dream neighborhood Greenpoint, Brooklyn with my husband (who I met while working at the same social media agency) and spend my days providing marketing consulting, painting, thinking, and trying to learn something new. 


  • I still have the sketchbooks I drew in when I was 4

  • In college I hosted my own indie radio show called “Airwave”. In the first year it started at 3 am on Friday mornings

  • Once I was in the running to be the host of a new MTV pop culture show

  • As an intern I walked famed futurist Ray Kurzweil down a red carpet


I’m constantly evolving my personal projects, brands, and business ventures (there is a method to the madness, I promise).  Below is a guide to what I’m currently working on and where you can find out more:

Self-Care For Self Preservation

After years of doing the "agency grind", I've realized the importance of mindfulness, especially for those within  marginalized communities. Inspired by Audre Lorde's popular quote, I believe the most powerful act women, BIPOC, and LGTBQ+ can do is to take care of themselves so they can continue to occupy spaces where they are not traditionally welcome. 


I use my personal blog to write about work/life balance, mindfulness, my marriage to a fellow marketer, and how to maintain compassionate discipline. Check it out.

I've been creating art since I was four years old and for the past few years have continued to have a creating practice. You can take a look at some of my work here. 

A lifelong artist, I love surrounding myself with other creatives. I launched Creative Office Hours as a platform to provide resources, tips, and support for other working creatives to evolve their creative practice.

Beauty Through Creative Expression
Satisfy Curiosity with Knowledge & Expertise

Constantly curious, I believe I was meant to be a strategist. Earlier in 2020, I had a corporate consulting contract end because of COVID-19. 

 After some reflection, I decided to launch Mad Focused Consulting to provide marketing consulting to working creatives and creatively-inclined businesses.

I’m passionate about helping others and engaging in civic action, from fundraising to support arts education, volunteering, or helping create a community to support young business professionals. 

Connection Through Community


  • Collaborating with like-minded, self-described working creatives on products, businesses, and services that actually provide value to consumers

  • Participate in community activism to leverage creative individuals and culture to support local communities and businesses, and in turn have local governments support working creatives.

  • Work to support creatively-driven businesses in business development and marketing strategy, especially women, BIPOC, or LGBTQ+-owned businesses.

  • Evolve my own creative practice in painting, photography, illustration, writing, textiles. My personal goals include publishing a book and having a residency.

  • Support organizations that make arts education and cultural experiences inclusive, diversified and accessible.

  • Reframe conversations around entrepreneurship, work life balance, productivity, and self-care, especially for women.