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I've been creating art since I was four years old - and have the sketchbooks to prove it. Art was never something that I was supposed to do for a living and was discouraged from focusing on it throughout my education because of my lack of focus, until I went to Hofstra University and starting painting. I drew on inspiration from the nostalgia I felt from childhood photos and developing abstractions based on everyday objects.

For the first time in my life, I was praised for something that came so naturally. I pursued a minor in Fine Arts while being taught by practicing artists and professors Laurie Fendrich, Jim Lee, Doug Hilson, and Tom Klinkowstein. After graduating from Hofstra, I could never make time for painting other than the occasional family gift, including a series of repeated abstractions of food inspired by my nieces and nephews. In 2015, I joined SVA’s Contemporary Painting Lab under Emily Weiner, which reinvigorated my love for painting and introduced me to oils. She encouraged my work, saying I had the talent, technique, and creativity needed - I just needed to make the time and find the discipline to dedicate to my practice.

I'm continually looking for ways to make time for my art and connect with other artists. For 2019 I’m focused on developing more series versus one-offs and documenting the process through my blog Creative Office Hours.



Fall 2019


From Sketches to Stories

Shawne Cooper

Fall 2015

School of Visual Arts
Contemporary Painting Lab

Emily Weiner


Hofstra University Fine Arts Minor

Tom Klinkowstein

Laurie Fendrich

Jim Lee

Doug Hilson


January 2020

Greenpoint Art Circle Debut Group Art Show

February 2019

Greenpoint Gallery People’s Choice Salon

June 2018

Greenpoint Open Studios

Artist Apprenticeships


VAWAA (Vacation With An Artist, Tessa)

The Hague, Netherlands

2016 - 2019

Hein Koh

Brooklyn, NY


Reb Carlson