Time Is Finite: How An App Showed Me I Need To Slow Down

My health is definitely something I prioritize. I believe that while we try to chase more time, we should really be focused on maximizing the time we have. I try to find ways to make sure I can always perform at my best (I also really hate being sick).

I've been successful at achieving good health (like most goals) by focusing more on daily habits than focusing on literal sprints. At the beginning of April, I decided to test a new mobile app called Done to track daily and weekly habits outside of my Passion Planner for. Some of the habits I included were:

- Drinking my apple cider vinegar drink each morning (1 tbsp AVC, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and water).

- Drinking eight glasses of water a day

- Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables daily

- Drinking/eating something fermented (usually kombucha)

- Taking my daily vitamins

- Doing yoga once a week

After a month of using it, I found it to be useful to keep track of things I tend to forget and become more mindful about how I spend my day and what I consume.

What I didn't expect was to see a red flag.

I was reviewing my monthly progress and saw a huge dip in the second half of the month across all of my habits. That either meant that I forgot to log it in the app or I was too busy to remember to do my daily health habits. Either way, it wasn't good.

April was a tough month. The beginning was heavy on holidays and social obligations and as the month progressed my job became a bit more stressful as work ramped up. I was working non-stop throughout the day, clocking in late nights, and was more focused on making it through the day unscathed than whether I remembered to take my vitamins. Using the app allowed me to log my actions, so now I had data-driven proof about what happens when day-to-day stress takes over and things like health and relationships get completely forgotten: I felt like April kicked my ass.

Starting this new month, my plan is to try to pull back and focus more on my day-to-day health and making time for activities outside of work. One takeaway I had while reflecting on the past month was how it seemed to fly by, yet I feel I wasn't able to be as productive in my creative work outside of my day job. While I can't create more time in the day, I want to make sure I'm getting as much out of my day as possible. That doesn't necessarily mean being more productive, but being more present in the moment.

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