End of the Year, End of a Decade, Still the Same.

With the end of this decade, is the end of an era: the first ten years of my full adult life. For kicks, I decided to look back at my old Wordpress blog that I started back in college in 2008, named simply but appropriately My Name Is Reb. My first post was actually a pretty hateful one around Perez Hilton, and the rise of Internet bloggers who focused more on generate click bait with haterade versus writing something of journalistic or cultural integrity. Clearly I thought I was the answer, with my posts ranging from updates about my life as a college student living just outside of New York City, what music I played on my college radio station WRHU, art exhibitions I would see, bands I like

Paying Off Over $100k In Student Loans

Last month I accomplished what I once thought was impossible: paying off nearly $100k in student loans, which included interest, my Public Relations degree, minor in Fine Arts, an Independent Honors Study, housing and food during undergrad, a study abroad experience in Venice, Italy, and a huge burden that has been weighing me down for nearly ten years. Not only was it a struggle to make my monthly payments earlier in my career, but having student loan debt held me back from saving for other things I wanted to do in my life. I can think of multiple low points in my life where I felt hopeless, stuck, and unable to move on into true adulthood. I had read many books and blogs about the best str

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