Earning Bankable Time: Finding More Value Outside The Work Day

Last weekend I was listening to the THRIVE Talks Podcast's Season 2 finale with artist consultant Pennylane Shen and she mentioned a phrase that I never heard of before that stuck with me: "bankable time". She referenced it in a conversation about how a frequent question she gets from artists - how they can make more time - and how "bankable" time such as going for a walk, surfing the web, or reading a book is beneficial to clear one's head or find inspiration. As someone who for years would complain she didn't have enough time or money for anything, the idea of putting a value on time that wasn't directly related to work was interesting. I looked to see who coined the original phrase and ca

Traveling to Iceland: A Redemption Story

This past Labor Day Weekend, Eric and I traveled to Iceland for the first time. We were there for about four days, which gave us enough time to explore Reykjavík, drive the Golden Circle, and do a day trip to Vik and back. Some people commented that it was a short amount of time for an international trip, and even we agreed that if we travel to Iceland again we would go for at least a week. However, I felt it was something we had to do, especially since it was two years in the making. We had planned to travel to Iceland together two years ago in September 2017. We were engaged and less than a year out from our wedding, so we were looking forward to having a distraction from planning and to

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