Taking the High, Long, Winding Road

I feel like I just blinked and it was the end of March. In the past few weeks, I've started to talk to people about how the months of March and April are like a second holiday season for myself and my husband. March is the big "birthday month", with both of our birthdays, along with my mother's, two of our nieces, and a number of my friends. April is our "anniversary month" (aw, A is for Anniversary and April, that's cute) with our dating anniversary on the 9th and now our wedding anniversary on the 28th. It's also Easter and Passover next month (or Eastover as I'm going to keep calling it). It's also been a big month of transitions. First and foremost, Eric found and accepted a new job.

My Husband Was Laid Off – Why It May Have Been the Best Thing for Our Marriage

Earlier this year, my husband got laid off from his job. He worked at a startup that was very mission-driven, but ultimately, like all businesses, needed to make their sales quota to remain fully staffed. We had anticipated for about a month that these layoffs were coming. Every department had a few casualties. The morning of, I was at work and saw him calling my personal cell. I knew it was important because my husband hates talking on the phone, so I looked around for a conference room I could duck into. For those who work in corporate America, I’m sure you could guess that in my moment of need, no conference rooms were to be found. Instead I sat on the floor of the printing room and brace

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